Cullen Murray-Kemp



Cullen Murray-Kemp is one of the many exceptional student-athletes graduating from McDaniel College this spring.


Cullen starred for the basketball team this year and was among the team’s leaders, averaging 9.8 points per game complimented with 4.3 rebounds per game. Cullen reached the 20-point mark four times this season, most noticeably torching Ursinus for 26 points during an 81-68 victory.


Before starting his junior year, Cullen transferred to McDaniel from Millersville University. Initially, Cullen transferred for his love of basketball, but upon arriving at McDaniel, he found journalism. “I found journalism and ran with it. It has become a passion of mine now.”


After he graduates from McDaniel, Cullen has many options and he hopes to incorporate both his love for sports as well as journalism. Cullen has job offers in journalism in Washington, DC and New Jersey, but he also has an intriguing offer to move to Charleston, South Carolina to work for ESPN, which he is considering.


Cullen has left his mark on McDaniel through basketball and journalism and will be sorely missed. If you have any interests in sports or journalism, Cullen Murray-Kemp is a man you will hear about in the future.