Meet the Green: Kevin White

When you first walk onto the McDaniel College campus, you attempt to figure everyone out. Jock, Greek, activist, bookworm. They’re all labels and stereotypes that not every person on this campus is a part of. For example, Kevin White, one of the captains of the Green Terror football team.


A junior, Kevin White, was informed he would be one of the 2011 football season captains in the spring of the previous school year, “I didn’t expect it at all.” It was his teammates who voted the cornerback as a leader. “To be a captain, you have to set an example for everyone else.”


The self-proclaimed “boring, quiet guy” made sure to reach out to the incoming freshmen about what to expect when the season rolls around. Until the fall, Kevin focused on work and exercise; very much appropriate for this exercise science major who intends on becoming a personal trainer after McDaniel. He’s more of a man behind the scenes, not the center of attention. “My freshman year I tripped in Glar, and you know how that goes. I got a round of applause.” Even telling the story caused a bashful reaction in him, “I’m really quiet. I would like to be the funny guy but I’m not.” What he is though, is one of the many Phillies and Eagles fans on campus.


With an ego small enough to hide between the layers of a humble pie, he does take glory in the team’s performance in last year’s homecoming game against Gettysburg. Surrounded by the music of favorite classic rock artists before the game and his loving family after, White made sure to get the job done. He did it as a football captain in high school, and he’s ready to do it again at McDaniel.