Lauren Hamby

There is an inexplicable few inches of sunburned skin found only on the backs of Lauren Hamby’s knees, most likely acquired from spending time outside in the sun, reading on a blanket with her fellow Women’s Issues Group housemates. These past few weeks, Lauren has often been found out on the patch of grass in front of 187 PA Ave. Being able to enjoy a good book in the warm weather is a pleasant respite from the all the responsibilities she’s had in her final year at McDaniel. As co-director of a successful production of the Vagina Monologues and co-president of Women’s Issues Group, Lauren has been an active presence at McDaniel who has helped to continue a tradition of feminism on campus. Lauren Hamby: future teacher, knitter, drinker of tea, baby enthusiast, and soon to be McDaniel graduate. She’s got panache and she’ll soon be responsible for the mind of hundreds of young, impressionable minds. A legacy finished? No, a legacy begun.


What are you doing after college?

I am taking a ninth semester to do student teaching then getting my teacher certification. Hopefully, after that, I’ll get a job as a secondary English teacher.


Are you satisfied with your time here at McDaniel?

Yeah, I’m honestly feeling a little burnt out at the end of my senior year but overall I’m gad I came here.


What is your favorite McDaniel memory?

The first time it snowed my freshman year. We were living in DMC and decided to go to the football field to play in the snow. Miraculously, there were these cardboard boxes just waiting there. So we disassembled them into sleds and sledded down the bowl.


You’ve been the president of WIG and have been involved in the club since your freshman year. How has being in WIG affected your college experience?

I feel like it’s the group I most belong to. Most of my friends I’ve either met in the group or I joined the group with. I really love it. I kind of joined on a whim because one of my friends was going. I really like the atmosphere and I really like how fun it is. I will say that it has changed since my first year. It used to be more off topic. When I was president I made it one of my goals to stay on topic.


You’re an English major. Has the English department been a second home on campus for you?

A lot of the English majors are friends and there’s a definite sense of community. I feel like if I meet another English major I know that we’re made from the same cloth. The English department’s pretty much been my life for the past couple years and I really love it. I decided to be an English major on a whim because I dropped a class and decided to pick up an English class. It was awesome. I’m really glad I took it. I’m mad though that we’re getting fun classes next year but I’m graduating so I won’t be able to take them.


Do you have a message to impart to first year students?

I would tell first year students not to get too stressed out. It’s only four years and if you don’t get perfect grades the world’s not going to end. Just have fun, because college can be really fun.


Final words?

I’m not going to say that McDaniel has made me who I am today. I’ve had some good times here but some pretty bad ones too. When it comes down to the end of it I’m really glad to be graduating but I also look forward to coming back to visit.