How to Get a Job on the Hill

Although it is more difficult for freshman to find an open job than it is for upper classmen, there are still many opportunities available for on-campus jobs and federal work-study.  Most of it is only a click away on the McDaniel College website.


If you qualify for Federal Work Study, follow this link: or search “federal work study” at the McDaniel home page which gives you a good lowdown on the requirements for FWS, where to complete the paperwork, and how to spend the hours.


Of course you don’t need to have FWS to obtain a great job on campus; it’s just another way of providing dependable opportunities for money.


Simply just follow this link to find all the available job postings for on-campus jobs: or you can click on the link “job postings” at the bottom of the FWS page.  There you can find openings for Student Engagement, Academic Affairs, Departments, Hoover Library, and many others.  It’s the go-to place for applying.


After that, all you have to do is contact the employer via the email listed, attach a resume, and fulfill any other qualifications or requirements listed.


Many of the jobs listed give at least 6-10 hours each week of a semester.  It all adds up though when you need that extra hundred for schoolbooks or spending money.  What better way is there to get to know the faculty and bulk up your resume than to work part-time at the Hill?


Speaking of bulking up a resume, there are also links provided at the bottom of the same “job postings” page that recommend great community service programs and volunteer work like the Boys and Girls Club of Westminster, the Community Media Center, or the Carroll County Public Library.  Just read over the short description and contact the email address listed.  Most are all within walking distance as well.


Now get started on that job hunt!