The Highlights of Orientation

Orientation is one of the most exciting, exhausting parts of freshman year.  Between moving in, making new friends, and saying goodbye to loved ones, it’s a lot to take in. McDaniel does a good job of helping you adjust to college life, but in case you’re as overwhelmed as I was, here’s what you should look forward to in the next few days:


After picking up your key and lots of freebies, head on over to the “Community Service Plunge” Information Table.  You’ll be able to sign up to participate in a local service project to help you get connected with the community while meeting your fellow first year students. I remember helping clean the Boys and Girls Club right next door to campus- it was a rewarding way to make new friends.

The Introduction Convocation is a McDaniel College tradition marking the formal beginning of the academic year. The exciting part is when you get to ring the Old Main Bell, an action you will repeat upon completing your time at McDaniel College.  The sad part is that soon after comes the time to say your goodbyes to whoever brought you here.


Day two is filled with placement tests, meetings with FYS groups, and floor meetings. Look forward to Karaoke Night to chill out after a long day of academia.  But take it from me- “American Pie” is, like, fifty times longer than you think it is, and probably not the best song choice.


Friday is just as action-packed, but with a lot to look forward to. You’ll meet your advisor, attend your first FYS class, get your ID card, and attend Academic Department Receptions. Taken at face value, that can sound rather boring, but these receptions are a great way to gauge how well you fit into a certain discipline. I remember going to learn about the English department and feeling right at home- you’ll also be able solidify your interests or even discover them!

When the campus shuttle comes to bring students to Target, I sure hope you’re on it, because it’s likely you a) forgot something important and b) don’t have a car. If you miss it, though, never fear; campus shuttles run most Saturdays to many Westminster locations.

In the evening, they’re showing “The Hunger Games.” Need I say more?


Most Saturday events are optional, but here’s some you won’t want to miss. I’m sure at this point in your experience you’ll be so tired of presentations, but you should seriously go to “Our World” to learn about the study abroad opportunities at McDaniel. At risk of sounding like a cliche, studying abroad at McDaniel’s sister campus in Budapest, Hungary was the single most exciting, eye-opening, enriching experience of my life. Most people I know who have studied abroad would agree with me.

That night, go to the Hypnosis event. You’ll probably laugh really hard. I know I did while watching my entranced friend attempt to rap in Japanese after translating a message from the aliens- something about saving the polar bears.


The culminating Orientation event is so popular that upperclassmen usually try to sneak in- Choices. It’s on Sunday night, but I can’t tell you much more about it. Just that it’s awesome.

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  1. what should i expect for the placement tests? I have tried to contact the people but no one replies

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