A welcome from the Free Press

Students from the class of 2022 and transfers to McDaniel College gather in Red Square ahead of the Convocation and Candlewalk as part of New Student Orientation on Friday, Aug. 24, 2018 in Westminster, Md. (Marya Topina / McDaniel College).

On behalf of our editorial team and writing staff at the Free Press, we’d like to officially welcome all McDaniel students to the Fall 2018 semester!

As both of us are beginning our senior year on the Hill as co-editors-in-chief, we know that every year presents new challenges, rewards, and lasting memories. College is the time, and the place, to push yourself and to learn from your mistakes, to find your niche, and to make your presence known. Your years here are an incredible and unique experience.

We hope the Free Press can be a compelling part of this experience.

McDaniel is a special place for each of us in its own way, and at the Free Press we do what we can every day to highlight that in our online and print publications. As a core part of the College, it is our goal to be an outlet for students to read about campus happenings, as well as an outlet for students to contribute their creative and technical work to enhance our campus community.

Here, students can contribute writing, editing, photography, videography, blogging, investigation, and graphic design, as well as grow their expertise in any area that interests them.

We invite all interested students – no matter their year, major, or skillset – to join us and see where it takes you. Reporting is indeed hard work, but our trained editorial staff is here and eager to help those from all parts of the community come together to hone the craft, and to make the Free Press what it is. Though known by different names throughout the years, the McDaniel Free Press has been the College’s student-operated newspaper since 1924, and we take this longtime student-centric aspect seriously.

Whether you write one article or become a regular contributor, we are here to work with you. Without our contributors, the Free Press would not be here – so as you consider what you’re interested in getting involved in, come give us a visit.

And, for that matter, explore all the great organizations that McDaniel has to offer. Though small, McDaniel does an excellent job creating opportunities for students of all interests, such as providing outlets for community service, composting, campus programming, dancing, and cultural exchange, to name just a few. Make sure to take your time and give each thing you might like a proper chance – you’ll never know what will happen.

Here’s to the new school year!