Welcome to our new site!

After months of planning and redesigning, we are proud to announce the launch of our new website!

We believe it achieves the goals of being highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and socially interactive.


Some of the features of our redesigned site include:

  • Easy to understand navigation and an prominent search bar
  • Automatic readjustment for all screen sizes, making it perfect to read on your smartphones
  • Expanded article previews upon mouse-over
  • Convenient links to all our social media and external sites, as well as helpful student links
  • Advertising options for local businesses and the McDaniel community

One completely new aspect of the site is the creation of FP2, pronounced FP Squared. And yes, we created this as our own version of MC2, currently found on the McDaniel website. This link, which you will find at the end of our main menu, brings you to our very own social media aggregator. It is there that you can find news from all campus and local sources, as well as from Twitter. Through the use of the hashtag #FP2, relevant news and content from student sources around campus can also be displayed on that page, including links and photos.

We encourage you to visit our site often, comment on our regularly updated content, and take our polls about relevant topics on campus. Is something bothering you? Submit a letter to the editor. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook because news travels fast. And remember to use the #FP2 hashtag to share your news, observations, and comments throughout the day.

This site belongs to the entire McDaniel community and we hope it will be seen as your primary reliable source for news on campus.