The McDaniel Dictionary

Route 140 – Westminster’s main road that has anything you could need from Target to 5 Guys to Michaels to 5 Below.

Advisor – a professor you chose to lead you on your college journey

ANW – Albert Norman Ward Hall, a dorm for upperclassmen next to the gym.

Archway – an online portal for information such as your schedule, financial papers and academic records.

BlackBoard – an online supplement to the classroom where professors can input notes, assignments, and grades.

Campo – Nickname for the campus police, Campus Safety

Decker – different from the auditorium, this is the building on campus that has everything a student will need

DMC – Daniel MacLea Hall, a dormitory primarily for students in the Honors Program.

Dr. Rog – Dr. Roger Casey, the current president of McDaniel, bringer of swagger to campus

Forum – a room on the first floor of Decker where different events are held

Gardens – upperclassmen apartment style housing

Gill – also known as the gym, the Fitness Center

Glar – nickname for Englar Dining Room

Green Terror – the McDaniel mascot

Hoover – the library

OrgSync – the place to go to find out about events and clubs on campus

Red Square – the nickname for Memorial Plaza, aka the center of campus

Rice Gallery – the art exhibit on campus displaying both student and local artwork

ROTC – the army-affiliated military branch on campus

SASS – Student Academic Support Services located in Academic Hall