SGA Updates: 2012-2013 Objectives

As the faculty and returning students prepare to welcome the incoming 2016 freshmen for another productive year, so does the Student Government Association align its goals toward productivity. But with a twist.

Your ’12-’13 SGA, represented by Executive Board members President Ryan Spicer (’13), Vice President Jason Stein (’14), Secretary Noah Patton (’13), and Treasurer Gary McKenna (’13), works for three set goals this coming academic year; all will be achieved with your help.

We plan to increase the amount of student input in the College’s administration. That means we will continue working with Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs, Beth Gerl to gather student ideas about campus improvement through 411s and, yes, surveys. That means networking and strategizing with multiple student organizations, our own faculty, and even physical plant if needed to materialize these improvements. Public policy: students, faculty, and the SGA work together.

We plan to improve our transparency; more accurately, we plan to storm social media. Recent years pushed allocations to the forefront of our duties. So, how can you know which organizations got how much money and why? Who are we and what do we do? And why does more than half of our population not know what we did in the past? Free Press. Terror TV. Twitter. All streamlined and ubiquitous, just like us.

That twist we were talking about? This could be our largest student-faculty collaboration yet: a Commission to improve relations between campus and downtown Westminster. Some see a dubious relationship between McDaniel and the surrounding community: there is always sensationalist news to spin. Regardless, we see a bustling college city with mutual satisfaction for both populations: good eats, a fun night scene, friendly patrons, anything you can dream of. We all want the best for ourselves, and the SGA also wants the best for you. So this year will be the start of a new bond between Westminster and McDaniel.

Like the taste and want some more? Come to our first meeting, to be announced via OrgSync.