NFL Picks: Week 14

We’re back at it again! As the regular season comes to an end, these last few weeks are crucial for teams on the verge of being eliminated from playoff contention.  We want to hear what you think as well.  Post your own predictions in the comments and join the conversation. Check out if last week’s predictions were correct!

Thursday 12/5

Kelsey: Texans 24, Jaguars 14
Even though both teams are 2-9, the Texans have a more developed offense than the Jaguars. In addition, the Texans defense has allowed the least number of yards per game. I think that will be enough for them to win this week.

Calder: Texans 17, Jaguars 10
Houston has been struggling this season, but will find a way to pull out a win to give them some hope.

Sunday 12/8

Kelsey: Colts 24, Bengals 27
The Bengals have looked great this year and have held the top spot in the AFC North for most of the season. I think their defense will play a significant role in this game. If they can pressure Andrew Luck into throwing incompletions and interceptions, they’ll get the win.

Calder: Colts 20, Bengals 23
Both of these teams have their eyes on the postseason. The Colts have struggled though to beat some outmatched opponents. The Bengals playing at home and led by Andy Dalton will be able to win.

Kelsey: Browns 14, Patriots 35
To put it simply, the Browns do not have the same depth on offense as the Patriots. With Tom Brady having multiple options in his receivers and running backs, they will outplay the Browns throughout the entire game.

Calder: Browns 24, Patriots 40
The Patriots look the same as they do every season. Tom Brady leads a high-powered offense that has had to transition the loss of some wide receivers and tight ends. They will continue to drive towards the playoffs.

Kelsey: Raiders 21, Jets 17
This will be an interesting game. Both teams haven’t looked bad this season, and the matchup seems pretty even. I think it will come down to the Raiders’ running game and the Jets’ defense seeing who can outplay the other.

Calder: Raiders 24, Jets 17
Both of these teams have had great wins and terrible losses. Oakland will be able to grab an east-coast victory against the unpredictable New York Jets.

Kelsey: Chiefs 31, Redskins 20
The Redskins have been struggling all season and have been unable to hold a winning record. The Chiefs lost their hopes for an undefeated season, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of it yet. I think the Chiefs will get the easy win over a mediocre Redskins team.

Calder: Chiefs 38, Redskins 20
Kansas City has had a fantastic season. They are definitely one of the best teams in the AFC. Washington is struggling on all sides of the ball and with healing quarterback RGIII won’t be able to beat the Chiefs.

Kelsey: Vikings 17, Ravens 30
The Ravens defense will need to watch out for the running game if Adrian Peterson is healthy. At 2-8-1, the Vikings cannot seem to catch a break this season. I think the Ravens will be able to pull of another win at home and increase their likelihood to get  a wild card spot in the playoffs.

Calder: Vikings 10, Ravens 21
Minnesota is a team that has been struggling this season, especially finding a franchise quarterback. The former Super Bowl champions aren’t having the season they predicted to be, but are still fighting for a postseason slot.

Kelsey: Falcons 17, Packers 28
This will only happen if Aaron Rodgers is healthy enough to play. With him out of the picture, the Packers can’t seem to win. If he plays (and reports are saying right now that he will try), they will be able to get their momentum back and pull off the win over a struggling Falcons team.

Calder: Falcons 20, Packers 17
The Falcons have had a disappointing season. The Packers who started out strong, now have star quarterback Aaron Rodgers injured. The Falcons with no chance of a playoff spot will grab a close victory.

Kelsey: Bills 21, Buccaneers 17
Once again, this is a decently even matchup. The Bucs have been struggling, but have been able to pull off some wins. I think the running game will help the Bills get the win this week.

Calder: Bills 17, Buccaneers 20
Tampa Bay has had a down season, but has still managed to win some games to avoid a winless season.

Kelsey: Dolphins 20, Steelers 27
The Steelers need this win if they want to still be in the hunt for a playoff spot. I think their offense will outplay the Dolphins’ defense and score easily in the first half. Plus, it’s a home game for the Steelers, so there is no doubt that the crowd will be behind them in this crucial game.

Calder: Dolphins 17, Steelers 24
Both of these AFC teams are desperate for a playoff spot. Mike Wallace has had an explosive season on the Dolphins. The Steelers are now starting to gain some momentum, which they will continue to do in this big AFC game.

Kelsey: Lions 31, Eagles 28
The Eagles have looked good since Nick Foles has been playing. Now that he is their starter for the rest of the season, I think they will put up some good numbers. However, it will not be enough to outdo the offensive capabilities of the Lions. It will be a close one, but I think the Lions will get the win.

Calder: Lions 27, Eagles 24
Detroit has had an interesting season. Philadelphia is trying to win the NFC East and have a successful season. Even though Nick Foles is now the starting quarterback for the Eagles, the offensive line will not be able to protect him from the powerful defense of the Lions.

Kelsey: Titans 14, Broncos 31
The Broncos are the team to beat in the AFC, and they need to keep winning if they want to secure the top AFC West spot in the playoffs with the Chiefs right on their tails. Peyton Manning will once again prove that he is one of the best quarterbacks to play the game and get the win for the Broncos.

Calder: Titans 20, Broncos 38
The Denver Broncos are one of the best teams in all of football this season. Tennessee has been on and off throughout the year. Denver will light up the Titans with their high-powered offense and physical defensive line.

Kelsey: Rams 17, Cardinals 24
The Cardinals are the overall better team in this game. With Larry Fitzgerald in the wide receiver position, the offense will be a huge threat to the Rams. I think they will easily win at home in this game.

Calder: Rams 20, Cardinals 24
Arizona has a winning record and have turned their season around. With hopes of a playoff run, they will be able to hold off a unpredictable Rams squad.

Kelsey: Seahawks 38, 49ers 31
I think this will be a great game to watch. The Seahawks have the best record in the NFL, and the 49ers have a versatile quarterback and a decent defense. It will be a high-scoring game, but I think the Seahawks will upset the 49ers on their home turf.

Calder: Seahawks 38, 49ers 34
This is a huge NFC West battle. The 49ers found their rhythm after a disappointing first loss. The Seahawks are one of the best teams in football and their quarterback, Russell Wilson, is having an awesome sophomore season. The Seahawks who are already playoff bound will seal the big win.

Kelsey: Giants 21, Chargers 24
This will be another close one. The Giants have looked better after the first six games of the season, and the Chargers aren’t doing half bad either. I think this will come down to a field goal and the Chargers will get the win.

Calder: Giants 27, Chargers 24
Both of these teams have had an interesting season. The Giants have improved their offense significantly and will have a big west coast victory.

Kelsey: Panthers 31, Saints 35
This will be another high-scoring game. The Panthers have a win against the Patriots under their belts, and the Saints have Drew Brees who I would say is a top-5 quarterback right now. The Saints’ defense will have to watch out for Cam Newton if he’s under pressure and scrambles for yards, however, I think they will be able to win at home.

Calder: Panthers 27, Saints 23
The Saints are once again one of the best teams in the NFL. Drew Brees is having another hall of fame season and is now 5th all time in passing yards in NFL history. Carolina has risen to become a new type of team that wins big. Their quarterback, Cam Newton, is still young and realizes there is more to a team than just his position. He has evolved into both a great quarterback and leader. This will be a great Sunday Night showdown and the Panthers will win big at New Orleans.

Monday 12/9

Kelsey: Cowboys 17, Bears 20
Another close matchup saved for Monday Night Football. I like it. Tony Romo had a decent game on Thanksgiving against the Raiders, but if Jay Cutler is able to play, it won’t matter. This will be a tight game until the end.

Calder: Cowboys 20, Bears 27
Chicago started out strong and then faltered a little. Dallas is starting to rise in the NFC East, wondering how far they can make it this season. Chicago still has playoff hopes and will seal this Monday Night game in a big way.