Good Eats: The Fractured Prune and Papa Joe’s

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user JESHOOTS-com.

Fractured Prune is scheduled to begin franchising around the United States, including opening stores in Towson, Baltimore City’s Inner Harbor, and our very own town of Westminster by the end of the year, according to the Baltimore Sun. With stores already in Frederick, Halethorpe, and Ocean City Maryland, the expansion would bring 20 new stores to different locales around the country.

The decision to expand was brought about by the loyal support the store has had in previous years. The store’s following probably comes from the “you create ‘em, we make ‘em” motto of sorts that the company has, along with the family vacation aspect, the wish to change the enjoyment of their donuts from being solely a tradition, to making it an every day indulgence.

You’re probably wondering, “what does this matter” well the answer to your question is in the first paragraph. The Fractured Prune is set to arrive in Westminster by the end of the year; as a student body, we should be able to enjoy a slue of freshly made donuts with our choice of toppings as early as next semester. As if we didn’t already have enough places around here to abuse indulgently in our pre/interim/post finals stupor. Keep an eye out McDaniel, the Prune is coming and it’s going to be delicious.

If you want to check out the website (wherein you can find their menu and sit collectively, drooling over the deliciousness that is the Fractured Prune) here it is; have fun, and don’t harm yourselves, it will be here soon.

Papa Joe’s is also doing something interesting: they’re moving! After a failed attempt to expand their current location the family and college friendly restaurant (your favorite Westminster Mexican joint) is saying goodbye to their current location and moving to The Carroll Plaza Shopping center.

According to their website, the move is expected to take place in February or March of next year (2014), so basically just in time to help all of us cope with the onset of midterms. This also means that we’ll have Papa Joe’s there to comfort us, and cradle our broken souls as we move into spring semester finals; the dark time in our lives where we think we’re done, but we’re just not there yet.

Yes that’s right my friends, Papa Joe’s, the place of delicious Mexican cuisine and wonderfully friendly atmosphere, is moving closer to campus to help pad our Glar fed bellies. I have to say I think it might be a dream come true for a few of us, to have delectable Mexican food, and delightful Chinese food to rely on when Glar or the Pub just aren’t cutting it.

To make it clear, Carroll Plaza is the plaza that is essentially right next to campus, and has the Rite Aide, and the cheap liquor store we all know, along with the Chinese restaurant Forbidden City.

So to recap, we have a Fractured Prune coming to Westminster soon, and we have Papa Joe’s a Westminster restaurant we’re all familiar with moving closer to campus. I don’t think the options get much better than that folks, especially considering some of the other selections we’re left with, being a small school in a small town. So chins up people, by midterms next semester we should be surrounded by even greater options for off campus dining and wonderful choices with regards to comfort foods.

Lets get ready; good eats everybody!

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