60 Seconds: The Most Interesting Thing About Westminster

When students, faculty, and employees come to McDaniel, they discover Westminster


Meg Schlesinger, first-year, undecided major

“There’s lots of places to go and lots things to do!”


Kyle Meloche, McDaniel College Bookstore Manager

“The small local businesses downtown.”


Lukas Miedreich, Assistant Director of Student Engagement at McDaniel

“The Peepshow!”


Daniel Schafer, faculty

“The Singleton Farm because it is a historical site that not many people know about and the college owns it.”


Pablo Bendana, sophomore, history major with education minor

“The cute little shops.”

when asked for examples, Pablo replied “Birdies Cafe and the bakery featured on Cupcake Wars.”


Kerry Duvall, faculty

“I like the history for personal reasons.  My great grandfather, George Sullivan, grew up here and went to McDaniel in 1928. He owned a hardware store on Main Street.”


Matt Ogorzalek, first-year, business administration major

“Nothing is interesting about Westminster!!”

“Oh wait, me…myself! The college!”

“The redneckish Midwestern tendencies.”