McDaniel Student Goes to Class and Gym without Cell Phone, Does Not Freak Out

Last Monday, Freshman Aaron Callahan woke up at 8:30 a.m. to prepare for his class that begins shortly after 9a.m.. He had a granola bar and a water bottle before brushing his teeth and heading out to class.

Upon arriving to his English class in Hill Hall, he realized that he had left his cell phone, an iPhone 4s with a crack on the top of the screen, charging next to his bed. “I went to text my girlfriend good morning, but I immediately remembered that I forgot to unplug it when I got up,” he mentioned

Instead of spending the class playing Candy Crush as he typically does, Aaron took notes in his notebook and doodled in the margins.

After class Aaron left Hill Hall to go to the gym. He often listens to music while working out on the cardio machines, but since he did not have his phone, he had to adapt.

“Yeah I just went on one of the treadmills in front of a TV that was playing ESPN. It was fine.”

After the gym, Callahan admitted to going back to his room to grab his phone instead of walking straight to lunch. He wanted to check to see if he had gotten any text messages. He had a missed call from his Dad and two SnapChats from a friend who was bored in class.

“I just got my phone and went to eat. I think I had a Caesar salad and some orange soda,” explained Callahan.

The remainder of the day was pretty normal.