McDaniel Student Dresses Well for Warm Weather

The week of March 10 brought about a number of smiles and good attitudes to the McDaniel College campus. With temperatures reaching as high as 64 degrees Fahrenheit, students flocked to outdoor areas like Red Square to enjoy the company of others while basking in the elusive sunlight.

Many students tossed a Frisbee, others chatted and smoked cigarettes and a number of our campus’ inhabitants played instruments or listened to music.

Annie Winger, a junior here working towards a double Major in Spanish and Anthropology, made an appearance in Red Square that week when she had time to kill between lunch and her afternoon class.

Said Winger, “Often times I’ll stay in Glar a little bit longer when I have time before my class. But it was so nice out! I just wanted to go outside and enjoy the weather.”

Christina that day wore a navy blue skirt with a white, flowery pattern along the side. She complimented this nicely with a white shirt and a gray cardigan, allowing her to look good, not attract unwanted attention and still be comfortable.

She continues, “I just woke up that morning and didn’t want to have to put on so many layers. I was very comfortably dressed and it felt good to be outside in the breeze and the sunshine.”

Christina is part of a growing trend of students on campus, both male and female, who have found a balance between comfort and style during the Spring weather. Senior Chris Perkins noted that he has noticed a number of students knowing how to put an outfit together and still look good. Furthermore, he noted, “It’s almost sundress season. And I like sundress season.”

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