Student Writes Poetry, Feels Deep

A student has situated herself in a nook of the third floor of the library with a pen and moleskin notebook. The student, who wishes to remain anonymous for philosophical and existential reasons, writes poetry to distinguish herself from “the shallow majority that rules this campus.”

The student explains, “The haikus I write are a window into my innermost thoughts. While I can share them with the internet, there is no one here who will ever be able to grasp my expansive and complex mind.”

With the advent of social media, haikus are being distributed to a huge number of people around the world, through genius pieces such as those presented on YouTube Haiku and H.W. Brands’ history of America through haiku tweets.

The student is among those who post his work to social media and does so with the hopes of reaching a sophisticated audience.

“I really hope someone in another country is enlightened by my work,” comments the student. “I feel like my deep thoughts could really touch the souls of other deep people, like hot French girls.”

The student gave us a sample of her work to print:

I sit here alone,

Thinking #deep thoughts to myself

And writing poems.

To find more of this anonymous student’s work, search #deep. It’s literally in every poem.