Brian O’Sullivan: Singing Comedian

On Thursday, Oct. 23, singing comedian Brian O’Sullivan came to the Rec Lounge to delight his audience with parodies of Miley Cyrus, Macklemore and Taylor Swift, original songs and even a song the audience helped create Mad Libs style.

The Rec Lounge was full of students ready to enjoy the comedian, with only one seat open, in the front. Based upon the laughs from the crowd, including my friend and I that enjoyed his puns a little too much, his songs and banter deserve the applause they received and more.

The audience enjoyed helping him write a song the most, yelling out nouns, verbs, and adjectives in response to prompts from O’Sullivan, which were then placed into the tune “Mad World” by Gary Jules. With lines such as “Hello McDonald’s worker where’s my virginity” and “Hide my porn I want to drown my uncle,” it’s certainly not a show for kids, but the hilarity from the audience proves his show is perfect for college students.

O’Sullivan was born in Northern California, educated in North Carolina, and got much of his experience from life experiences and comedy theaters such as The Annoyance Theater and The Laugh Factory. He tours colleges and universities, having recently performed at Wayne State College in Nebraska and Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, and he currently lives in Los Angeles.

When asked why he started doing his comedy, he said, “Jim Carrey.”

With a little prompting, he elaborated: “I wanted to be Jim Carrey. That didn’t work out, so I wanted to be Weird Al. He was already taken, so I wanted to be myself…and combine comedy and music, but more standup-ish than Weird Al.

“I basically just started to make my friends laugh,” said O’Sullivan, who has been performing for five years. “I had a package of something and I showed some people and they were like, ‘hey, you could probably do that on a college market,'” O’Sullivan said, “So I submitted it to an agent and then they signed me.”

For more information on Brian O’Sullivan, visit his website, find him on Facebook or YouTube or follow his Twitter @bocomedy.