Kingsman: A New Spin on the Classic Spy Movie

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015), a film directed by Matthew Vaughn and featuring actors of high caliber, such as Colin Firth and Michael Caine, may seem at first as your typical James Bond-inspired spy movie. However, the intricate plot, well-timed humor, and action scenes defy the expectations of even the most skeptical viewers.

The plot of the film revolves around the British Secret Service choosing new members for what is known as their most elite group of spies. The story follows Eggsy, the son of a knight, and his quest to become a new member of this elite group. After a series of rigorous tests, he is put in charge of saving the world from doom.

The trailer of the movie does not do any justice to the creative originality of this film. Not only does it deviate from the typical spy movie, but it does so in a humorous manner. The movie is full of well-timed puns and one-liners that leave the audience laughing in a proper, genteel manner. The special effects also help with the humorous atmosphere of the film, such as the use of color and classical music in scenes when it’s least expected.

The body also contains a lot of mature elements, such as the struggles of living in the suburbs, thus balancing the corniness of the film.

This mixture of corniness and realism makes it appealable to broad audiences, satisfying spy-film lovers and comedy lovers alike.

The plot of the movie brings some of today’s issues into question, such as social equality, celebrity praise, and environmental issues. It does so in a way that leaves audiences thinking about the importance of caring about these issues, but not in a way that forces the issues.

The villain of the film is one of the most relatable villains in the history of spy films. His goal, unlike other villains whose goal is to conquer the world, is to save humanity by, ironically, killing a portion of the world population in order to preserve the environmental health of the planet.

If you are really bored on a Friday night, Kingsman: The Secret Service is a great option to ‘kill’ time.