Can you NOT be my Valentine, please?

(Image courtesy of Pixabay user Kaz).

It’s that time of the year again, and no, I’m not talking about Super Bowl weekend, that was last weekend (and Beyonce slayed that Halftime Show!). I’m talking about Valentine’s Day, or as I’ve come to call it, Single-for-Life’s Day.

I have many thoughts and feelings about this holiday, too many to be ever listed and discussed. For this reason, I will try to narrow this down to five reasons why I detest Valentine’s Day.

My idea of a perfect gift. Photo by Jimmy Calderon

My idea of a perfect gift. Photo by Jimmy Calderon

Number one: Valentine’s Day is an over-commercialized holiday. It may have started as a holiday to commemorate the idea of love and friendship, but corporations turned it into another reason to sell cheap gifts and mediocre chocolate. 

This in itself is not too bad. What kills me is the fact that over the decades corporations have changed the mind of the consumer, making them believe that the best gift is the priciest one.

Number two: People have forgotten that Valentine’s Day is about love and friendship. The media always presents this holiday as an occasion to celebrate romantic love.

But guess what? There’s other types of love. There’s platonic love, fraternal love, paternal love, and many other types of love. The entire point of this holiday is to celebrate general idea of love. Get it right people!

A group of friends enjoying a beautiful afternoon. Photo by Jimmy Calderon

A group of friends enjoying a beautiful afternoon. Photo by Jimmy Calderon

Number three: The world conspires against me and the rest of singles by reminding us we don’t have a significant other.

The media focuses on happy couples, your friends and family only talk about their plans with their partners, or soon-to-be partners, and, to finish it off, people are always asking you what your plans are for Valentine’s Day.

Guess what people, I have no plans, because apparently nobody loves me (that’s not true. I do have plans. I planned to stuff my face with pizza and watch some good horror movies with the person I love the most: me).

Number four: People have become materialistic. In the past, people were happy with simple gestures of affection: a kiss on the cheek, hand holding, a hand-written poem, a song… the examples go on.

Don't I look good in pink! Photo by Mirko Fernandez

Don’t I look good in pink! Photo by Mirko Fernandez

But nowadays it seems that people want more than just that. People crave for material things, things they can touch and feel. If you go and ask somebody to be your valentine with a poem from the heart, the most common answer might be a “I’ll think about it,” which most likely means “no.” But if you go and ask the same question with a great, pricy gift, the answer will most likely be “YES!”

Number five: I am incapable of feeling love. But that’s a personal reason (as the rest of this article).

Also, I hate the color red. I’m ok with pink (it goes really well with my skin tone), but red… gosh!!! What a horrible color!

These are my personal opinions about this holiday. Everyone has a different opinion about this holiday, and I respect people’s opinions. With that said, go on and enjoy this wonderful holiday!