Raising Environmental Awareness among First Year Students

The Office of Residence Life teamed up with Green Life on Mar. 31 for an event to raise awareness about global environmental issues. The event took place in Rouzer and Whiteford Halls between 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

The program was designed to raise awareness about environmental issues and how to make the world a better world, said sophomore Nia Gipson, an R.A. for Whiteford.

The event included an array of activities for First Year students, including trivia questions, bingo, and building plant holders. Each activity was designed not only to raise awareness but also to ignite debate on possible solutions to environmental problems.

Students play environmental bingo in the main Whiteford lobby.

Students play environmental bingo in the main Whiteford lobby.

“I think it’s fun, in the way that it helps you understand how to help the environment,” explained first year student James Davis, a Whiteford resident, as he participated in environmental bingo.

According to sophomore Lizzie DeRycke, the president of Green Life explained the club’s main contribution to the event was gathering and presenting information to first year students and designing the activities.

“It is a great event,” said first year student Ornella Ngameni, a Whiteford resident. “I especially like the activity of making a plant holder. It’s a nice break in the middle of the week.”

Ornella Ngameni (center) build her own plant holder.

Ornella Ngameni (center) builds her own plant holder.

Junior Kamiko O’Rullian, an R.A., explained that this event is part of a chain of events to raise awareness about environmental issues and our input in these issues. In a past project, “Fight for Power,” first year students competed against each other to find out who could save the most energy in their respective building.

“During the month of March, Whiteford reduced energy usage by 10 percent compared to last year,” O’Rullian said.