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Air conditioning is often reserved for spaces like practice rooms for musicians in Levine Hall (above) or offices. (Emma Carter / McDaniel Free Press).

Air conditioning: A want or need?

As a new school year begins, students are presented with both old and new problems. One issue that never seems to go away is the heat, and at McDaniel College, one…

Photo by Brandon Vance.

Are students paying too much for housing?

Many students are struggling to afford school, but is there anything that can help? Paying for on-campus housing has become a burden, which is why, according to many students, an alternative…


What to expect from your RA

Freshman year of college proves year after year, student after student, to be a learning experience and in some cases an unforgettable journey. This tends to be especially true for…

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Affinity Housing Could Be For You

Traditional college dorms aren’t for everyone. They’re noisy, crowded, and if you don’t like your neighbor, then for the most part, tough luck.   The affinity housing program at McDaniel…

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Ashtray Issue in Garden Apartments

At the beginning of the semester, residents of the Gardens Apartments may have noticed something missing, namely, the flowerpot-esque ashtrays that once sat outside of the entrance to each building….

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RA job has ups and downs

Ben Grant Staff Reporter Every residence hall floor and group of apartments has a Resident Assistant supervising them. Each one had to go through the same process to apply for…