One-on-One with Lindsey Nichols: Basketball and the Importance of Women’s Sports

Lindsey Nichols takes a shot. From

You may walk past Lindsey Nichols every day and not realize she’s first team All conference, Centennial Conference Player of the Year, and first team All-Mid-Atlantic Region in women’s basketball. The junior guard had an incredible season averaging 17.9 points per game and shooting a scorching-hot 38 percent from the three point line with more than 60 3-pointers this season. For over 10 years, basketball has had a significant impact in her life; she’s built lifelong friendships and developed leadership skills on and off the court. In this interview, she discusses the importance of basketball, as well as women in sports.

Q: When did you start playing sports/Basketball?

A: I started playing sports on an organized team in the third grade.

Q: What has playing a sport done for you?

A: On the court, sports have increased my skill level, to react quickly in situations, and allowed me to see all of my surroundings. Off the court,  I have created friendships and it has taught me life lessons such as working with others, respecting authority, listening skills, gamesmanship, and to set goals and how to achieve them.

Q: How has playing with McDaniel women’s basketball team or previous teams helped you in your basketball career?

A: I have learned to become a better player and develop my skill level over the years of playing basketball. The coaches have pointed out my strengths and weaknesses and ways to perform each of them more effectively. Also, my teammates have pushed me harder in practice to help me get better. I’ve received awards in the past for my basketball performance, but the ones I am the most proud of is being named Centennial Conference Player of the Year, First-Team All-Conference, and First-Team All-Mid-Atlantic Region during my junior year basketball season.

Q: Has playing sports your entire life ever kept you out of any trouble?

A: Playing sports has definitely helped me stay out of trouble. Many of my closest friends are athletes as well, so being around people who wanted to avoid getting in trouble had an impact on my actions too. I tried not to surround myself around people who would be a negative influence on me. I didn’t want to jeopardize playing basketball my getting myself into trouble.



Q: How important are women’s sports to you? Why?

A: Women’s sports are important to me because without them I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to play basketball. It gives other women the chance to participate in sports they love as well.

Q: Were there any woman basketball players or women athletes you admire or look up to? Why?

A: One person I looked up to growing up and still do look up to now is my sister, Stephanie. She was a great athlete and one of the main reasons why I got involved in basketball. She has been one of my biggest motivators throughout my basketball career.

Q: Is there anything that motivates you to keep playing sports in such a predominantly male sports society?

A: The love for the game is what motivates me to keep playing basketball. Being on the same court with my teammates that are also my closest friends have made the sport even more enjoyable.

Q: What words of advice would you give women to pursue a sports career at any level?

A: No matter what obstacles you may face, whether it be losing a game or an injury, to never give up. If you work hard towards a goal it can be achieved. And to stay positive, do not get down on yourself.