McDaniel and the Restaurants of Westminster

At Cinco de Mayo. From left: Fidel Alberto, Louis Hernandez, Manny Goyo, Edgardo Mejia, and Raul Alberto. Photo by James O'Connor.

Restaurants in the Westminster area truly benefit from the McDaniel Community.

Homecoming, Spring Fling, and multiple athletic events draw large numbers of people to the Westminster area, and after these events many of McDaniel’s guests visit local restaurants to explore the sights and catch up with students. Cinco de Mayo in particular is famous in the Westminster area for having top-notch authentic Mexican food and homemade margaritas. Only celebrating its second birthday this fall, Cinco de Mayo has already had a big impact on the community in a small time. Manny Goyo, the manager at Cinco de Mayo, says that homecoming “is usually very good for [the restaurant]; many people come at night after the football game.When the college kids go to their parties, the families staying in town come here and have a few drinks.”

Cinco de Mayo manager Manny Goyo with McDaniel student Rachel Kling. Photo by James O'Connor.

Cinco de Mayo manager Manny Goyo with McDaniel student Rachel Kling. Photo by James O’Connor.

McDaniel student Rachel Kling is a frequent customer at Cinco de Mayo.

“I usually go to Cinco to celebrate my friends’ birthdays,” she says. “Many are turning 21, so we come and get fresh margaritas. My favorite flavor is strawberry.”

Cinco de Mayo is also known for giving customers who have a birthday an unexpected gift—whipped cream to the face! Goyo says if the server doesn’t really get the customer good with the whipped cream, they are given a hard time from all the other servers in the back.

Another favorite, JeannieBird Baking Company, is within walking distance from McDaniel College. JeannieBird is the breakfast hot spot for families looking to grab a healthy breakfast before starting their long days. It offers a wide range of healthy breakfast options and homemade baked goods. McDaniel families remember hearing about JeannieBird last year, when its beloved owner Jeannie passed away in a car accident. The new owner, Bernie Vogle, has vowed to keep Jeannie’s dream alive by always serving fresh and healthy food.

“I know Bernie tries to create lasting relationships with all groups on campus because we are so close to school,” says Lauren Stricker, a McDaniel alum and a current worker at JeannieBird. “McDaniel families are interested in seeing that JeannieBird is tightly connected to the school. The parents love that their children can get a healthy meal so close to campus.”

These events are a great opportunity for the McDaniel and Westminster communities to come together and to build friendships. Cinco de Mayo and JeannieBird are both grateful for how the McDaniel community helps their businesses, and we should be grateful to them for giving us a great place to catch up with our families.

Cinco de Mayo is located on 402 Englar Rd, Westminster, MD 21157, right behind the Buffalo Wild Wings.

JeannieBird Baking Company is located 42 W Main St, Westminster, MD 21157, in the heart of Historic Westminster.