From the Sports Archives: Intra-murals, Do You Know, Terror Football Drops Two, Soccer Club Works Toward Varsity Status

(McDaniel Free Press staff).

Oct. 6, 1932: Extensive Program is Planned for ’32-’33 Intra-mural Sports1932Intramurals
In this article, one writer details the extensive “Intra-mural Sports” program that is planned for the 1932-1933 year at Western Maryland College. This was just the second year of intramural sports at the college but “Barney” Spier, the graduate manager of athletics, and J. R. Jaeger, intramural manager, were both on top of it. Each fraternity as well as the freshman and senior classes were required to send representatives to meeting to work out the league operations. Participating fraternities included Pi Alpha Alpha, Gamma Beta Chi, Alpha Gamma Tau, and Delta Pi Alpha. No players were permitted to represent both their class and fraternity. One touch-football game was to be played every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 4:00 p.m. A soccer season was to start “as soon as time [was] found.”

Oct. 6, 1932: Do You Know?

Some sports facts from the day:

“That Boston College kept most of its football team around all summer to work in the new stadium that was under construction at the time.” Imagine if McDaniel had done this last summer.

“That an alumnus invited the entire Boston squad up to his New Hampshire ranch for a three-week conditioning period prior to the beginning of the season.”

1932DYK“That three of the four touchdowns made against the Terrors this season have been the result either of completed enemy forward passes or intercepted Terror passes.” Sounds somewhat familiar.

“That Mike Plotezyk, Loyola’s captain, is completing his fourth season as center on the Evergreen team and at no time in his career has he weighed more than 155 pounds.”

1985FootballOct. 3, 1985: Terror Football Drops First Two

In an all-to-familiar story, one writer highlights the Green Terror football program’s losses. A Sept. 21  41-7 defeat at the hands of the Centennial Conference Football champions, Gettysburg and a Sept. 28 20-6 loss at home against the Ursinus Bears.

According to this author, McDaniel had the score tied midway through the first period of the Gettysburg game when quarterback Scott Bassett threw an eight-yard pass to tight end Larry Smith. That was, reportedly, the only highlight.

On Sept. 28 McDaniel would lose its second home game when the Bears held the team to a lone touchdown. A Bassett pass to Darrell Guyton got the Terror to the Ursinus 32-yard line and five plays later they ran into the endzone on a quarterback draw. Unfortunately, the extra point attempt failed and the Bears ran past the Terror for the 20-6 win.

1985WSocOct. 3, 1985: Soccer Club Works Toward Varsity Status

Sandy Brant writes in this article about the drive for a varsity women’s soccer team on campus. “Soccer is just a kick in the grass,” she leads. Before McDaniel’s dominant women’s soccer team of the past few seasons, around 21 women joined together to blaze the trail as the WMC women’s soccer club. Brant writes about the large turnout for intramural women’s soccer the previous season and how steps have been taken to form a varsity team.

“Val Butta, one of the team players,” writes Brant, “feels that there is a good possibility that a varsity team status will be reached. ‘We work well as a team, on and off the field, but we need more school support.'”

While optimistic, Brant captures the players’ hopes to form their official squad while still recognizing the time constraints and difficulty of turning a club into a varsity sport. “It usually takes an organization two years with good support with a club status in order to be considered for a varsity sport,” Brant quotes Butta.

Brant finishes the article with a quote from junior Vera Strothman, inviting those interested to join. “It’s still not too late to join the women’s soccer club. Anyone with a desire and dedication to play should come out to practice,” the article concludes.