McAdvice: A New Column Within Commentary

Image by Kyle Parks.

I know that college can be stressful, and I know that there are resources to help you get through that stress, but many times, a student has to approach that resource, and not vice versa.

Being a CEO Ambassador, I have met with countless students and helped them work through many issues they may have that are related to classes, finding jobs, work ethic, and many others.  

The Free Press is student run and student operated, so I felt that the issues that are brought up to me, the other ambassadors, and the CEO office should highlighted in the paper. Many students are too shy, or may not have much time to visit many of the offices on campus, so this column will bring them to you.

The McAdvice column will be a collaborative piece between editors and staff reporters and will include articles that tackle issues such as procrastination, time management, study strategies, etc. We hope to have input from students that way we can answer your questions and you can feel more relaxed knowing that there are resources on campus that are there to help

Every Monday, we will be providing you with advice pieces that aim to help you figure out college life. Alongside giving you advice pieces, this column will highlight certain offices on campus that will make college life easier.

Being student run and operated, we value your opinion, thus if you have any issues you feel should be highlighted, then send us an email at or