Free Press 2016-2017: Year in Review

Here at the Free Press, we’re proud to have had such a successful year. As we reflect on the year behind us and look forward to the coming semester, we would like to showcase some of the proudest accomplishments we have made as a paper throughout the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters:

  • We have published content from  more than 60 different members of the McDaniel community.
  • 315 posts have been made public on our website. 162 in the fall and 153 in the spring. This is the highest number in an academic year since the creation of our website in 2007. These include:
    • 27 articles in our news section.
    • 60 articles in our features section.
    • 22 articles in our lifestyle section.
    • 38 articles in our commentary section.
    • 65 articles in our arts & culture section.
    • 39 articles in our sports section.
    • 31 articles for our annual satirical issue, the Funion.
    • 32 senior profiles for our senior issue.
  • The Free Press printed seven print issues, in addition to an involvement fair pamphlet and one-sheet in November.
    • These contain a total of 218 different articles on a total of 96 pages amongst all printed materials.
    • Among these, we printed the 20-page senior issue, the largest single issue since 2011.
  • Certain editors have made major contributions beyond just editing their section(s) and helping run the paper:
    • Atticus Rice (Sports Editor) has written 38 articles.
    • Kyle Parks (editor-in-chief, multimedia editor) has published 36 pieces of content.
    • Stefan Specian (web editor) has published 23.
    • Jimmy Calderon (arts & culture editor, commentary editor) has published 20.
    • Colin Lyon (assistant editor) has published 17.
    • Mario Fernandez (assistant editor) has published 14.

It has truly been a strong year for the paper. We thank everyone who has helped us along, be it by directing us to potential sources or even simply reading what we’ve been sharing. With the tremendous efforts of our staff and the support of our audience, we hope to make the 2017-2018 academic year even better.