A Welcome From the Free Press

Photo by Kyle Parks.

The Free Press is happy to say “welcome!” to all new and returning students here at McDaniel.

As everyone gets settled in and begins to get to know and reunite with fellow members of the McDaniel community, we hope to continue being an integral part of the college, and welcome any interested students to become a part of our paper.

College is a time of discovery and excitement – these four years can be some of the most enjoyable of one’s life. While transitioning to life in the “real” world, we will grow even more as people and continue to pursue (and figure out) our life goals. Our editorial staff sincerely hopes that the Free Press, by providing a variety of skills, opportunities, and enjoyment, can be a part of this path.

The Free Press, the college’s student-led paper, has been known by a variety of names, most notably the Gold Bug and the Phoenix. We have informed, excited, and (sometimes) angered since 1924. The paper’s staff has produced hundreds of issues and countless articles (over 300 in the last year alone). However, we cannot maintain this flow without the effort of the student body.

We provide a platform for any students interested in blogging, writing, investigation, photography, videography, graphic design, and simply getting a perspective out into the eyes of the college community. Our content ranges from our journalistically objective news section, to our commentary section where writers can openly express their opinions. We publish various forms of content, including not only written pieces, but also a variety of photo essays and videos, and we’re always open to new ideas for those with further interests.

The Free Press always welcomes new staff reporters. We allow any students—regardless of major, writing experience, academic year, and interests—to join our staff, attend meetings, and to contribute to our paper, so long as they adhere to our criteria for publication. For those with particular interest and commitment to the Free Press, we are also open to new members in our editorial staff.

Feel free to contact freepress@mcdaniel.edu for more information and to be added to our email list for updates on meeting times, article ideas, and other news regarding our publication.

Our next print issue is currently scheduled for Sept. 28, and we’d be thrilled to include your content in it!

Kyle Parks,
Editor in Chief, Multimedia Editor