Senior Editor: Tyler Van Dyke

Photo by Kyle Parks.

What is your preferred name?

Tyler Van Dyke

What is your major and minor?

Majors in English and Philosophy

What are some of the jobs you held while at McDaniel?

Resident Assistant, Writing Center Tutor, Writing Fellow, Research Assistant (WDL)

What organizations were you a part of at McDaniel?

What positions did you hold? Radio Club (Vice President 2015-6, Co-president 2016-present), Free Press (copy editor 2017-8), Heroes Helping Hopkins, Honors Program (PR chair 2015-6), Pep Band (2015-6), Yearbook (2014-6), Boys and Girls Club Writing Program (2016-7), Jazz Band (2014-17)

Did you enjoy your time at McDaniel? How?

I have absolutely enjoyed my time here at McDaniel. The connections that I have made with both professors and classmates and the opportunities that this campus has afforded me (both in terms of experiential learning opportunities like jobs and internships and also in terms of the campus’ relative proximity to places like Baltimore and DC) have broadened my awareness substantially. I think the mark of a good institution is its capacity to change its students for the better, and I can honestly say that I am not the same person who walked onto this campus four years ago.

Who do you think is/was your best mentor(s)?

I have had many mentors here at McDaniel whom I have a genuine and deep respect for, especially my two advisors Dr. Vera Jakoby and Dr. Pamela Regis. However, the lessons, stories, experience, and guidance that I got from Bo Eckard, one of the most interesting, crazy, and sincere individuals I have ever met, will remain with me for life.

What is your best memory at McDaniel?

The ones that get a little hazy. The ones that remind us that even though we’re doing a million things and taking a thousand credits, there’s always time for friends and celebrating those friendships.

What are your plans for after graduation?

Workin, makin money, saving for the graduate school so I can get that ph to the D.

What advice can you give to those not graduating?

Be absolutely serious in your endeavors while you’re here. Take opportunities and risks, and be a dedicated and committed member to the organizations that you participate in. But when it’s Thursday night, your ass’d better be at Down Under.

Is there anything else you want to share with the McDaniel community?

I think a lot of people shit on McDaniel College, and I think a lot of times its largely warranted. But I also think that people shouldn’t disillusion themselves with the idea that these problems don’t exist everywhere else. So don’t make them a McDaniel Problem. Make them a problem. And use your involvement and agency and capacity for activism to do something about it. We’re all here because for some reason or another we chose to be here. It’s our responsibility to make this place better. So yeah, make jokes about how shitty Glar is, how overpaid Roger Casey is and the fact that when he wears that white suit he looks a little bit like Colonel Sanders, relish in our discontent. But then find the avenues for change, and make it happen.