I.T. department starts semester with updates

The I.T. help desk is located on the first floor of Hoover Library. (Marya Kuratova / McDaniel Free Press).

Ahead of the start of the Spring 2020 semester, the I.T. department emailed the campus community to share the department’s latest updates.

Over winter break, the department added Internet connectivity from a second service provider, increasing the available bandwidth on campus from two to four gigabits per second.

In students’ My McDaniel accounts, the Quick Link panel now features an O365 icon, rather than the OneDrive icon. This provides access to OneDrive, Outlook, Forms, and other applications, whereas the previous icon only redirected to Outlook email.

All students have been assigned an Adobe Spark license, as Adobe programs on lab computers now require a login. Students should have received an email from Adobe Spark with more information.

The department also shared that ID card access to Hoover Library after hours changed in the first week of the semester. The door readers were upgraded to a system that recognizes the magnetic stripe on the back of student and employee ID cards. This means current students and employees should automatically receive access to these doors and the card no longer has to be registered with Campus Safety.

Finally, I.T. reminded the campus community to use the appropriate Wi-Fi networks. McDaniel Secure should be used for computers and smartphones, ResHallSpecial is reserved for gaming devices, and McDaniel Guest should not be used by students or faculty as it does not provide access to any campus systems, is limited in speed, and now requires daily acceptance of terms.

The I.T. department encourages everyone to stop by the Help Desk in Hoover Library with any questions, or just to say hello.