Wellness Center to offer three new therapy groups

"Together in Healing" is one of the therapy groups offered at the Wellness Center. (Photo courtesy of the Wellness Center).

This semester, the Wellness Center is expanding its offerings for students seeking counseling to include multiple options for group therapy. These groups are themed around students who have similar identity factors or problems that they wish to address, with the intention that the therapy group can be a confidential and supportive space to connect with each other and address concerns that may not be as well-suited for treatment in a one-on-one therapy setting with a counselor.

Provided that there is sufficient enrollment in these programs, there are three groups that will be open to students this spring. One of these programs is “Understanding Self Through Others,” which is an “interpersonal process group” with the goal of allowing students to get support and connect to each other, as well as to gain insight by exploring interpersonal patterns such as communication, interaction, and perception. This group has run in the past, though it has been on hiatus for a few semesters due to low student participation.

The second group being offered this semester is “Exploring Gender Identity,” which acts as a supportive space for transgender students (inclusive of all those under the trans umbrella, such as nonbinary, genderfluid, or genderqueer students) to explore and discuss their experiences. This group was developed collaboratively with students who were interested in having such a space and has been running for multiple semesters.

The final group is “Together in Healing,” which is a 10-week structured group for survivors of sexual assault, focusing on adult experiences and providing psychoeducation, building grounding techniques, and offering healing through connection. This group is similar to previous offerings, but has undergone changes based on the input of Director of the Wellness Center Heidi Huber, Counselor Leah Gold, and Counseling Services Graduate Intern Kat Griffith. This group offering is in response to increased student calls for this type of treatment modality last semester. 

Each of the groups will be co-facilitated by a member of the Wellness Center staff (Leah Gold) and one of the counseling services graduate interns (Patch Tseng-Putterman, Kat Griffith, and Laura Knox).

Students looking to join or gain more information about these programs can contact Leah Gold at lgold@mcdaniel.edu or call the Wellness Center at 410-857-2243.