2016 presidential election

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Arguments Against Donald Trump

There are often things which are unpleasant to think of, but in times like these such thoughts must be shared. I harbor deep distrust for anyone actually excited to vote…

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Voting Not-Trump

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m an avid third party advocate. It probably wasn’t good that I once cared more about people voting for someone who wasn’t a…


The Case for the Lesser Evil

Let me be clear: when I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8th, it will not be with enthusiasm. Despite easily being one of the most qualified candidates…

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I, the Political Hypocrite

Voting is perhaps the greatest symbol of a democratic government. The idea that the populace chooses its leaders is championed, especially in the U.S. with its long tradition of democracy….

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Ben Carson: Public Religiosity?

  Among 2016 Republican candidates there has been a growing force: Dr. Ben Carson. With his agenda being highly influenced by pro-Christian stances, could he be an effective figurehead for…

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Tuition in 2016 Politics: What’s Next?

Although it is not even 2016 yet, the campaign race is in full swing. Where do the five Democratic and 18 Republican candidates stand on the swelling costs of higher education? Most, if…