Philosophy Club Becomes More Active

Hanna Martin

Staff Reporter

Are you interested in discussing possible ways to solve problems, or a place to just kick around some of your own philosophies? Although the club has been relatively inactive during the past three years, the Philosophy Club is once again becoming an important organization on campus.

The main goal of the Philosophy Club is, as Vice President Jake Friedman says, “finding problems and trying desperately to solve them.” But that’s not all Philosophy Club can do. “We provide a place for students of like-minds and similar interests to get together,” says Friedman. Students can also present problems for discussion. It is a place to freely discuss ideas in a friendly social setting, and is open to any who are interested in philosophy; choosing philosophy as a major is not required.

The club has already gotten off to a good start this year. They are hosting bi-weekly Soapboxes in Red Square at 4:30 p.m. This event gives students the chance to make themselves heard, literally “get on the soapbox,” to express their thoughts and opinions about any subject they choose.

They will also be holding a forum on November 2nd titled “Know Your Rights” as a part of Justice Week. Friedman describes it as “a moderated panel forum with a question and answer session at the end.”

The Philosophy Club meets on Thursdays from 4:30 to 5:30 in Baker Chapel, room 100. For more information, contact Vice-President Jake Friedman at or Co-Presidents Lin Sun Oo ( or John Modica (