The CUP Opens Up to Serve Treats and Tea

Lora Andrews, the owner of The CUP Tea Bar and Cafe beside the teas she has set up in preparation for opening day. Photo courtesy of Krystina Shultz

If you find yourself wandering through the stores of Westminster on Fall Fest or in the depths of Midnight Madness, slip through the coffee-colored wood doors of the CUP Tea Bar and Cafe. There’s a high possibility of receiving a free tea sample for your curiosity.

Located at 7 East Main Street, the CUP is hoping to open on Sept. 20, or 21. The owner, Lora Andrews, has another establishment, Gypsy’s, located near the Carroll County Hospital. The tea room is named for her mother, Gypsy, and is a traditional English style tea room with a very formal atmosphere.

An advocate of Gypsy’s tea, freshman, Stephanie Smith said, “I hope the Cup will have the same sort of quality tea,” and for a regular day visit, “I hope it’s not too high class.”

A menu written in brilliant chalk on a blackboard sports soups, salads, and panini sandwiches is geared for a crowd of jeans and sweatshirts. Inviting green walls complement the simple tables and chairs in the room. A tea bar allows customers to lounge on stools while waiting for brewing tea of assorted flavors, and types including, black, green, white, rooibos (red), oolongs, and herbals. I was able to taste a chocolate chai tea with milk and sugar to accentuate the flavor. Lora describes the new cafe as an “in and out” type of casual. People can stop in and relax, or grab lunch with tea or coffee to go.

“The area is just in need of some new ideas and I think the health benefits of tea are important. I think the atmosphere will be appealing to college students,” Lora explains. “I’m really excited to offer another place on Main Street.”

Included in that appeal is a low priced menu with all items priced under $8.00. Tea is served in individual cups, 12oz to-go cups, and pots that can serve 2-3 cups. Students can find a full lunch for about $10, and combo meal options are available.

“I think it’ll be a really good place for students who are stressed out to get a good pot of tea,” notes junior, Sierra Murray, “and I like tea, so I’m going to try and go there.”

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