I Believe Statements from Lisa Breslin’s FYS: Journalism in the 21st Century

Lisa Breslin's FYS: Journalism in the 21st Century, poses for a class photo at Bear Branch Nature Center during one of their Flex hour Sessions. Listed here are I Believe statements from members of the class.

I believe in love, karma, manners, aliens and dinosaurs. I believe Elvis is alive and that impossible is nothing. I believe the Jets are good at football and everything happens for a reason. I believe most people in this world can do more to help. I believe in not stereotyping, best friends, and family coming first.

–Pelham McClellan


I believe there should be no regrets in life because your choices make up the beautiful person that you are. I believe you should have one hug a day. I believe that hearing you’re beautiful is necessary for an everyday happy life. I believe in responsibility and hard work. I believe in being silly and smiling and laughing often. I believe that there is good in everything and everyone. I believe everyone should be loved. I believe in the power of a day to rest. I believe that the smell of a new book can change anyone’s outlook. I believe in a baby’s cry and that the way they smell is the most precious thing in the world.  I believe wrinkles tell more stories than words. And I believe in life, the never-ending power of life and love.

–Erica Burzio


I believe that everyone is different and they should be treated accordingly. I believe that mental health is directly related to physical health. I believe in the Redskins. I believe that the political turmoil in the US is ridiculous. I believe in having 2 hours to yourself everyday.  That for every rainy day, there will be 3 sunny days. I believe in eating 3 meals a day and playing video games every once in a while is great way to stimulate the brain. I believe that coffee is terrible from both a taste and health standpoint. I believe a nice, juicy steak is great dinner. I believe time should not be wasted.

–Ryan Staley


I believe one should never quit, for it will never be the same. I believe you should follow your heart but always remember to think. I believe in asking the question “why not?” I believe the only way to listen to music is with the volume turned all the way up! I believe in staying up late and getting up early. I believe you can’t choose your own nickname.

–Alex Murchison III


I believe perfection is unattainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence. I believe that when you aren’t practicing, someone else is. I believe that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. I believe that anyone’s finest moment is when they lay down exhausted and victorious. I believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I believe in a strong work ethic. I believe in confidence as a way of life. I believe respect is the most important trait in life. I believe in the word Relentless.

–J.T. Kotowski



I believe in true love, but also true hate. I believe the legal drinking age should be 18. I believe in the influence of plaid clothing. I believe that today will always be a new day. I believe in living without regrets. I believe in making a statement through my words rather than my actions. I believe in the US Army. I believe in the bars and stars and bald eagle that represents our freedom. I believe that only God can judge me. I believe in using haters as motivations. I believe in good quality beer. I believe in the soldier’s creed. I believe in myself.

–Kyle Henderson


I believe that the unfortunate events that occur in our daily lives only makes us stronger. I believe that my parents have given up so much for me. I believe in my teammates. I believe that everyone should take time for themselves. I believe in my abilities to achieve my dreams. I believe in taking naps.

–Patrick Bivon


I believe that everyone should have the chance to succeed in life. I believe in equality and freedom. I believe that we are all capable of transcending our obstacles and accomplishing what you want to do on this planet. I believe that we all should learn from our own mistakes, because it’s okay to make them.

–Tiffany Patton


I believe colorful things make people smile. I believe doing your nails can relieve stress. I believe my family is the most special part of my life. I believe friends are the best gift of life.

–Sharina Taveras-Lopez


I believe in a good break after a hard week in school. I believe in shopping until I spend all my check. I believe in helping my mom as much as possible. I believe in working hard to achieve my goals. I believe in doing my homework to get good grades.

–Maria Reyes


I believe I won’t miss anymore classes until break. I believe I will get better organized. I believe I will be more independent. I believe I will be more responsible.

–Erica Diffendal


I believe that success comes through hard work and determination, not by luck or chance. I believe if you wholeheartedly pursue something, you’ll get it. I believe if you dream it, you can achieve it. I believe that settling for anything less than you want is foolish. I believe that nothing in life is perfect, but rather perfectly imperfect.

–Kelsey Burkhardt






I believe in the craziest nights with friends that soon turn into precious memories. I believe that a sister is a best friend for life. I believe that love isn’t real, but true lasting relationships are. I believe people can’t exist on their own, they need a support team to always get them through. I believe in an amazing God that always forgives me for the stupid horrible things I do while I’m in college.

–Miranda King


I believe in connections. Real connections that lead to hearty laughter and the sometimes rampant tears. I believe in the lessons my students teach me everyday about perseverance, randomness, fear, love, and humility. I believe in real Coke. Not Pepsi or diet. I believe in my girls – their future and their gifts to the world. I believe in Jim’s eggplant parmesan. I believe and live for peace.

–Lisa Breslin