Out Pick Elec And Dan: Week 1

Finally, the time we have all been waiting for is back. The NFL season has kicked off with the Cowboys beating the New York Giants. And although it was great to see professional football back on our television screens, it was just a tease. Between Sunday and Monday, we will see all our favorite teams duke it out. Get ready for Luck, RGIII, Manning, Tebow and all our favorite players and stories to take flight this weekend.  So, who you think will win? Think you can out pick Free Press Sports Editors Elec Trainor or Dan Lamond? Press your luck:


Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears: We’re going to see the debut of Andrew Luck. Will he deliver up to the standards that everyone has set for him? I believe he will, and this is thanks to a high scoring affair against a Bears offensive lead by Jay Cutler and a reunited favorite wide-out, Brandon Marshall. ?Elec- Colts 38 Bears 24?Dan- Colts 17 Bears 28 ??   


Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cleveland Browns: This weekend will be full of competitive games. This game, however, will not be one of them. I anticipate the Eagles to have a bounce-back year and live up to the “Dream Team” nickname. ?Elec- Eagles 27 Browns 10?Dan- Eagles 35 Browns 13??   


St. Louis Rams vs. Detroit Lions: Calvin Johnson is trying to have at least 100 yards per game this season. Looking at his history in the league, I wouldn’t bet against him. Detroit’s offense will be fun to watch this year. ?Elec- Rams 12 Lions 31?Dan- Rams 10 Lions 24??   


New England Patriots vs. Tennessee Titans: It’s hard to bet against Tom Brady and the Patriots. Year after year, they contend for the Lombardi; as a fan, you almost expect them to be there. But look out for the underdog Titans this year. Locker may lead this team under the radar, and I say they start the surprise season early. ?Elec- Patriots 21 Titans 24?Dan- Patriots 24 Titans 17??   


Atlanta Falcons vs. Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs may have a big year this year. That defense will be tough to play against, especially at home. But Matt Ryan has a whole lot of weapons to throw to and the high octane offense will prove to be too big of a test for this Chiefs D. ?Elec- Falcons 28 Chiefs 13?Dan- Falcons 14 Chiefs 21??   


Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Minnesota Vikings: If you are a football fan, this is the game for you. Ok, maybe not. But choosing a winner of this one is harder than it seems. If Maurice Jones-Drew gets a lot of playing time after missing all of training camp due to a contract holdout, perhaps the Jags will run away with this one. ?Elec- Jaguars 21 Vikings 9?Dan- Jaguars 13 Vikings 24??   

Washington Redskins vs. New Orleans Saints: Robert Griffin III has Redskin fans dreaming of a winning season. We will see what he is made of against a tough Saints defense. However, keep your eyes on the other side of the ball. Drew Brees still leads the Saints offense, against the Redskins D. That could be the difference. ?Elec- Redskins 24 Saints 38?Dan- Redskins 14 Saints 35??   


Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets: Are you sick of the Jets yet? No? Alright then, get ready for more of the circus. I predict Sanchez struggles early this season. Tebow chants begin, and then it falls on Rex Ryan to make the decision. I say put Tebow in. All he does is win, and the way the preseason looked, the Jets will need some of that. ?Elec- Bills 27 Jets 13?Dan- Bills 7 Jets 13??   


Miami Dolphins vs. Houston Texans: Lookout for the Texans. With a healthy Matt Shaub, this Texans team has it all. Good pass game, good run game, good defense. They could be thinking Super Bowl this year. First step, get by the Miami Dolphins. I think they will make a statement opening day.?Elec- Dolphins 0 Texans 28?Dan- Dolphins 7 Texans 28??   


San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay: This may be the best game all weekend. The high-powered offense of the Packers will have a tough time against this 49er defense. Unstoppable force versus immovable object. Something’s got to give. It’s going to be a close game to call. Don’t hold this score against me. This is a coin toss. ?Elec- 49ers 24 Packers 20?Dan- 49ers 14 Packers 35

Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals:    Keep an eye on Seattle QB Russell Wilson. He may be small, but he’s got a big arm. Arizona could probably learn a thing or two from him. The Cardinals had a tough decision going into this season, in which one awful quarterback was not as bad as the other awful quarterback. This is a recipe for a long season in the desert. And to think…they could have had Manning. ?Elec- Seahawks 21 Cardinals 6?Dan- Seahawks 21 Cardinals 13


Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A few years ago, this game would have been a snooze fest. A few good drafts later, and these two teams are looking to take the division. Cam Newton had a phenomenal rookie year. All eyes will be on him if he can repeat last year and avoid a sophomore slump. ?Elec- Panthers 24 Buccaneers 17?Dan- Panthers 28 Buccaneers 24


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos: Perhaps even more exciting than the debuts of Luck and RGIII is the return of Payton Manning. A year without #18 is one year too many. Time to see if he still has what it takes after a neck surgery last off-season. Pittsburgh will be looking to get revenge after the Broncos knocked them out of the playoffs early last year. ?Elec- Steelers 28 Broncos 31?Dan- Steelers 31 Broncos 17??   


Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens came within 22 seconds of wining the AFC last year and going to the Super Bowl. Expect a high-powered offense. The defense will lack the reigning defensive MVP Suggs, but ever since the Ravens came to Baltimore in 1996, their defense has always been one of the best in the league. They will be tested against Andy Dalton and the Bengals. ?Elec- Bengals 17 Ravens 28?Dan- Bengals 10 Ravens 21???   


San Diego Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders: Here are two teams that may turn a few heads this year. This game might be the most important for both teams. Each team needs to get off to a hot start to compete for the division. Look for Philip Rivers to have learned from a tough year last year and come out sharper than ever. ?Elec- Chargers 17 Raiders 10?Dan- Chargers 24 Raiders 14


Do you think you can do better? Feel free to send in your picks for a week and compete against us!