How can campus services help you survive the McVirus?

Whether you’re sick or have an affected friend or roommate, there’s no need to feel helpless in the next few days. Several offices on campus have created emergency procedures in order to assist those who are battling gastroenteritis.

Still have a paper, but can’t leave your room? Though online appointments are typically reserved for deaf students, graduate students, and those studying at the Budapest campus, anyone can schedule a virtual meeting this week. If you’re quarantined but still interested in having someone look at your paper, check out this information about online tutoring.

Can’t make it to class, but don’t have a note? Susan Glore, Director of the Wellness Center, advises ill students not to attend class due to the high risk for passing on the virus to other students. Academic Affairs has notified faculty about the high number of students who will not be able to make it to class. Though you don’t need a medical note, students are highly encouraged to keep in touch with their professors about missed work.

Have you regained your appetite, but not the will to go to Glar? Roommates of affected students can swipe their McDaniel 1Cards and, with the help of a Sodexo manager, pick out food to put into Styrofoam and bring back to the dorms.

Though rumors are spreading, hand sanitizer is flying off the shelves, and students are growing ever more convinced that this is the eve of the apocalypse, resources on campus are reaching out and willing to give aid. Take advantage, take care, and stay well.

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