A McDaniel Student’s Top 10

There comes a time in everyone’s day where some things are just necessary. These are things that obviously might not be necessary to survive, but for McDaniel College students they are essential.

After asking random students around campus, here are the top ten in no specific order.

Ramen Noodles
The majority of students who have taste buds for cheap food love the taste of Ramen Noodles. A lot of students like Ramen Noodles for the late night situations at two in the morning, long after the pub closes, where they can easily throw it in the microwave; so clutch.

Sex is the one thing every college student seeks on the weekend, whether they will admit it or not. I don’t care what happens that day; they could have failed their midterms, lost their car keys and their student ID card, it doesn’t matter. I could not possibly begin to explain why sex is so important. Maybe it’s due to the hormones of college students, I don’t know. Or maybe just because is so much fun, all I know is, everyone wants it.

Air Conditioning
McDaniel rules state that only students with certain medical conditions and a doctor’s note are allowed to have an air conditioner in their room. Well, most students do not care for this rule install air conditioners in their windows anyway, in an attempt to get back at “the man.” During the winter months, students do not have a need for air conditioning but in the summer the heat can be relentless. The heat strikes down on everyone, especially those on the top floors. So students have no choice but to fight back with what McDaniel would call illegal air conditioners.

For some reason college students have got it into their head that they need liquor every weekend. That they need to push their livers to the limit, the usage of the acronym “YOLO” which stands for “you only live once” is the main justification for students to drink themselves half to death every weekend.

Sunday and Saturday Morning Showers
Many college students like to drink on the weekends, leading to hangovers the next morning. There is one thing that helps every time: a nice hot shower. Some students have even gone as far as calling it “godly.”

The Single Life
Sometimes students get lucky and their roommate will move-out or just transfer, resulting in them having a double all for themself. It has been described as being absolutely glorious. Nothing could be better, have twice the space and double the beds.

Skipping Class
Skipping class is just necessary at times; it allows the mind to relax instead of having to deal with the stress of class. Good students will most likely not use any of three skips that most professors allow. But the smart student will take advantage of a get out jail free card.

The Pub
The pub is hands down one the best things about McDaniel’s Campus, simply due to the fact that it is so much better than Glar. Food made to order tastes so much better and it is open later, often saving students from settling with the food selections in Glar.

One of the most important things in the average college student’s daily schedule is a nap. It’s like kindergarten when students have mandatory naptime, college students also have nap time. It’s just no longer mandatory.

From the need to have sex every weekend after pushing the limits of one liver through alcohol consumption to the simple things like cheap Ramen Noodles and daily naps, the students of McDaniel College have shown what is the most important to them.

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