60 Seconds: Bucket Lists

We asked six members of the McDaniel class of 2017, “What are five items on your bucket list?”


pic1!Kevin Rosenthal
1. Go to a World Cup
2. Visit the Egyptian Pyramids
3. Go to a Liverpool game in Anfield
4. Wander in the Amazon Rainforest
5. Start a family

pic2Adam Vaughn
1. Meet Steven Spielberg
2. Go skydiving
3. Star in a movie
4. Date a famous actress
5. Own a pool in my backyard

pic3Jeremy Arrigo
1. Get a tattoo
2. Revisit Hawaii and Italy
3. Get a German Shepard
4. Go hunting
5. Travel to Egypt and see the pyramids

pic4Andrew Gordon
1. Go to the Super Bowl
2. Visit at least five continents
3. Play Augusta National
4. Ride a camel
5. Meet a President

pic5Vi Lam
1. Meet Paul McCartney (before it’s too late)
2. Have a “Simpson’s” character named after me
3. Climb Mount Fuji
4. Have five dogs: a Corgi, a Samoyed, a Husky, and two Golden Retrievers
5. Go to dinner with Ryan Gosling and Ezra Koeing

pic6Brandon Lurz
1. Visit the Wonders of the World
2. Go skydiving
3. Learn seven more languages
4. Get my Masters degree
5. Have a dream job and life