The Lighter Side of Campus Safety

The Lighter Side of Campus Safety is brought to you by the McDaniel College student body’s eager interest in on-campus happenings and by all the miscreants that make this possible. Thank you.

We had our usual slew of underage drinking, both in Rouzer and Whiteford halls. Remember, kids, the legal drinking age is 21. This isn’t Europe.

We had a number of cooking fires, hopefully accidental. Clean out those burners, they can be deadly. Also, just a piece of advice: if you put bacon on the stove, try not to forget about it and walk away. Yeah, that happened.

Some hooligan committed theft near the pool. Campus Safety did not find out who it was, but I’d be willing to bet it’s the guy squeaking around campus with a duffel bag full of goggles and noodles.

Another wise-guy lit some plastic on fire on a window sill in DMC. Not sure why, but we know it was done on purpose.

There was a report of computer harassment on campus but the perpetrator is unknown. Could it be that someone left his computer open in a common room and someone walking by noticed it and changes the person to “In a relationship?” That would be hilarious.

Several reports of malicious destruction of property were called in this week, ranging all across campus. This included broken windows and, inevitably, splatters of tomato salsa from someone who decided he didn’t want his quesadillas anymore.

See you next week, folks. Keep up the good work.