60 Seconds: New Semester and Presidential Race



We asked students what they were excited about this semester and some of their thoughts on the current presidential election race.


Janette Carpio

First Year

Excited About: Meeting new people and the chance to be independent.

Presidential Race: Hope for Bernie Sanders and a strong dislike of Trump because of her Hispanic roots.



Drew Kenyon

First Year

Excited About: Everything

Presidential Race: They’re interesting, but no personal favorites.



Charlie Price

First Year

Excited About: Homecoming event as well as everything else.

Presidential Race: Hasn’t paid much attention to the presidential race, but thinks Trump is mean.



Emma Piper


Excited About: Chicken Tender Thursday and being a leader in the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

Presidential Race: Leaning towards Bernie Sanders and thinks the race will be interesting. “A lot can happen in a year.”



Sarah Rasch


Excited About: New opportunities, Heroes Helping Hopkins, and the possibility of joining a sorority.

Presidential Race: Least favorite candidate is Donald Trump and leaning towards Bernie Sanders. “Yes, of course,” she said about voting in the next election, “Gotta put your opinion out there.”