Pep Band Debuts at Homecoming Game

On Saturday, October 17, McDaniel College’s new pep band debuted at the Homecoming game.

The pep band is comprised of a group of students who will play in the band during football games. Unlike a marching band, the pep band members will play short songs in the stands. The band includes such instruments as trumpets, baritone, alto saxophones, flutes, piccolos, percussion, and others.

During the Homecoming game, the band sat in the stands, where they played McDaniel’s Alma Mater and other songs in between plays.

Pep band member Tyler Van Dyke explains that the band practiced several songs in preparation for the game, such as “Another One Bites the Dust,” “Walk This Way,” and the Beatles’ “Birthday.”

Van Dyke says, “I did marching band in high school, and I had always wished that McDaniel had a marching band. So when I heard about this I was pretty excited, as it is one step closer to having a marching band.”

The pep band will continue to play during other football games.