The current Green Terror mascot. Photo by Kaylan Hutchison.

Green Terror gets a makeover

“Hot and sweaty, and not in a good way,” said Atticus Rice, describing his experience as one of the several students who make the awkward transformation into McDaniel’s Green Terror mascot…

McDaniel's athletic trainers at work. Photo by Chloe Thompson.

McDaniel’s Athletic Trainers

When you think of McDaniel Football, the first thing comes to mind is the players, but there are people behind the scenes who the team depends on, the athletic trainers….

Pep Band 1

Pep Band Debuts at Homecoming Game

On Saturday, October 17, McDaniel College’s new pep band debuted at the Homecoming game. The pep band is comprised of a group of students who will play in the band…


The Lighter Side of Campus Safety

I have to say, I’m a little let down, McDaniel. I mean, it was Homecoming this past weekend, and this week had one of the smallest incident reports in a…

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The Big Games: Homecoming and Hopkins

There is not much that McDaniel and other Division III schools can look at to compare themselves to major Division I programs like Michigan and Alabama. One factor though that…

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Tailgate Snacks, From Store-Bought to Homemade

J Ellis Staff Reporter Tumultuous rain did not put a damper on McDaniel’s homecoming festivities. On Saturday, Oct. 24, 2009, alumni, organizations, and fellow students all came out to support…

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Homecoming a Sopping Disappointment for Fans

Matthew Bodnar Staff Reporter A day filled with optimism, camaraderie and school spirit was quickly dampened by the rain and a Green Terror loss to the Ursinus Bears on homecoming…