60 Seconds: The Best and the Worst of McDaniel

There’s no doubt that McDaniel can be a great place for students; however, like other institutions, there are downsides. Students were asked for their opinions on the best part of McDaniel and the worst:

Joe Yearby


Joe Yearby, Freshman

“The best would be the teachers – for sure the worst is the amount of pub swipes you get.”




Stuart Landis


Stuart Landis, Freshman

Favorite aspect of McDaniel is the campus itself. When asked about the opposite says, “I can’t say I have a least favorite.”



James Abdu


James Abdu, Junior

States class size and the amount of time professors can spend out of class are his favorite things about McDaniel. In response to his least favorite, he commented, “how apathetic the student body is.”



Allegra Berry


Allegra Berry, Sophomore

Says the worst part of McDaniel is the long distance from her home, and the best thing on campus is the diversity of people here.



Darby Bortz


Darby Bortz, Sophomore

“I’d say that the best part of McDaniel is the small college atmosphere, you can know and be friends with a lot of people.” On the worst, says that certain departments are underrepresented and often get overlooked.



Brenndan Jacko


Brenndan Jacko, Freshman

Favorite thing is class size and frequent interactions with professors. States that the worst is “just the amount of stuff in the McDaniel Plan.”



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