Movie Review: Batman vs. Superman

With Batman on a personal vendetta to destroy Superman, and Superman on a quest to prove his power, what will happen when two of the worlds greatest superheroes go head to head? Is this the battle we’ve been waiting for? Who will win? Or will someone else defeat them both?

The recent release of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice definitely stirred conversation. The anticipation of one of the most famous superhero battles playing out on the big screen seemed to be a must-see. In my personal opinion, besides the action packed and highly visually appealing battle scenes, I think the movie lacked joy. When you think of Marvel movies you think of action, excitement, and a hint of sarcasm. The only thing I got from Batman vs Superman was action. There were no funny jokes to pick up, or punch lines to chuckle at.

I thought the movie was really dark. I don’t know if I would I take my younger brother to see this movie. And I don’t mean that as in too much violence since I’ve seen Deadpool twice. Besides, Deadpool, being a well-structured and enjoyable film, has a crystal clear moral: it’s not what you look like on the outside, it’s who you are on the inside. It’s kind of a beautiful story in a weird way, and there’s something that can be taken away from watching it.

Even though it’s been a couple of days since I’ve seen the film, I am still unsure of the message or moral of Batman v Superman. Maybe it has to do with the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover?” Although Batman and Superman shared the spotlight of this film, Lux Luthor showed he was an overlooked force to be reckoned with. In battling each other, Batman and Superman did not expect what Lux Luthor had in store.

Now you might think that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a critic-proof picture, but like me, the critics agree the film lacks in some areas. Action is to be expected, but what about the story line and plot? Though the film featured detailed battle scenes, the movie jumped from subplot to subplot. During the movie, I was confused about the direction it was heading to. The movie seemed drawn out and unorganized. The transition between scenes while presenting the plot were poor.  However, the majority of critics for the film confirmed that, be it good or bad, viewers would get their money’s worth in a few key areas.

The action scenes used for the movie trailer did not disappoint viewers. Batman and Superman do beat the heck out of each other. Critics also said the film is full of “got to see this in IMAX” cinematic greatness.  They mostly argued that Ben Affleck made a compelling Batman, and were thrilled to see Wonder Woman in her late-in-the-game action cameo.

Even with some of the key components from the comic displayed in the movie, the storyline was not presented well. If I had no background or familiarity with the comic, I would just be watching a visually, well put together film that looked like it cost a lot of money. The scenes flipped from Batman to Superman from Superman to Batman, and then mashed them together in another scene. The cohesiveness of the movie was weak and the action scenes were used to compensate.