Student Solo Recital

As the majority of McDaniel students cozied up in their rooms enjoying the sigh of relief that is Friday evening, ten student musicians were ready to perform their solo pieces in the McDaniel Lounge.

The evening of Nov. 13 showcased a variety of music: performances on string, woodwind, and brass instruments, as well as voice solos. Other than one duet, each student piece was accompanied by a piano part – a nerve-wracking place to be as a musician, as there is little cover for mistakes. McDaniel’s musicians, however, didn’t need cover.

From swanky voice numbers to dark, emotional instrumental pieces, the musicians sounded excellent – and not every piece of music they performed sounded simple, either. The singers swayed and almost danced with their music; the instrumentalists moved in time to their pieces. Each student had an air of confidence that undoubtedly came from hours (and hours) of practicing.

McDaniel’s Student Solo Recital gave the student musicians an opportunity to showcase their talent and the result of their semesters’ hard work, and gave the audience an engaging and fun evening. The diversity of the music, instruments, and voices of Friday night made for an interesting and enjoyable way to listen in on one of the talents of McDaniel students.