Student Recital Showcases the Musical Talent of Students at McDaniel

In the Levine Recital Hall on April 11, students, faculty, and family gathered for a collection of solo performances by students involved in the music program at McDaniel. Performances of both solo piano works and vocal pieces were given by eleven students: Tyrus Mataban, Allyssa Mpofu, Emma Kartalia, Savannah Dawson, Mollie Murphy, Cyrus Daroowalla, Laurissa Seinsberger, Peter Stigdon, Andrew Barnett, Ben Kohn, and Grace Lyons. Represented were the studios of Kyle Engler, David Kreider, and Waka Osifchin.

The music department sponsors two solo recitals per semester. This particular recital was arranged and hosted by David Kreider, who also provided piano accompaniment to the vocal performances.

“Students prepare for recitals in the same way artists prepare for an exhibition,” says Kreider.

Performance at recitals is a mandatory part of the music major and an option for the music minor. The purpose of the recitals is to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to an audience as well as to become acclimated to public performance, which is an essential skill for musicians to develop.

Most of the performers were McDaniel students, but a few local high school students who study at the college’s studios were also invited to participate. Pieces performed ranged from the very classical works of Chopin and Mozart to a very theatrical rendition of Bock and Harnick’s “Vanilla Ice Cream.” Students are given a number of pieces in their studio lessons and have the opportunity to select one to perform at the event. Students spend weeks and even months preparing for their performance.

“It feels like a couple hundred hours.” said Murphy, who performed “Vidala” and  “Tribute to Roberto Garcia Morillo,”  by Alberto Ginastera, on the piano.

However, there was almost unanimous agreement that the heavy practice schedule was worth it for the opportunity to showcase their talents to their friends and family.

The next recital, which will feature many more students on a variety of instruments, is scheduled for Monday, April 18 at 7 p.m. in McDaniel Lounge. The event is free of charge and is a great opportunity to show support for the music program and the many students involved.

Editor’s Note: The article previously mentioned that Mollie Murphy performed “Vidala: Tribute to Roberto Garcia Morillo.” This was incorrect and since then has been changed to “Vidala” and “Tribute to Roberto Garcia Morillo,” two different compositions by the same composer. We apologize for any confusion this may have created.