Random 30 year old’s car troubles lead to his discovery of ROJ

(Image courtesy of Pixabay user KELLEPICS).

Every student has an ID card that grants them access to about everywhere on campus. You need them to get into buildings that hold classes, the library, dorms, etc.

But how about one of the largest gathering locations on campus for students that holds many offices, the pub – a major food spot for students, and TONS of seating, welcoming students to hang out? Nope. There is no ID needed to get into ROJ. 

With the preaching done to students about having student IDs on their person at all times, one may think it would be simple to require a swipe to get into ROJ.

“I think it is pretty rad I did not need identification to get in here,” said a random man in their 30s who was enjoying a cookie dough smoothie from the pub.

He was asked how he even got the smoothie since he was not a student or staff member. 

“I don’t know, all I did was press a few buttons on the screen and it allowed me to use my credit card, they didn’t even need to know who I was!” 

He did not provide any insight as to how he knew where the ROJ student center was. He said his car was breaking down on the “busy road right over there” so he figured someone could help him on a college campus. 

Although he never got his car fixed, he got a great smoothie and had a relaxed time on one of the couches in ROJ after wandering around campus looking for a place to get a break.

At the end of his interview, he walked away and sat with a large group of students. He bonded with someone wearing a lanyard around their neck with a Penn State ID. 

The last thing heard from him was “Oh no way I went to Penn State about 10 years ago too.” Then, they proceeded to talk about the football team.