Quarantined student interviewed at the grocery store

(Image courtesy of Pixabay user igorovsyannykov).

McDaniel student was seen in the yogurt aisle of Safeway and asked how her year was going at McDaniel. 

“It kind of sucks right now, I am actually quarantined in my dorm building,” said the unnamed student. “I was exposed to COVID-19.”

This student explained she did not like the food she was getting during her two-week quarantine period. She decided to take it upon herself to get food. 

Although students are supposed to stay in their dorm 24/7 during quarantine, students do not seem to feel like they need to. 

Students seem to be taking advantage of how they are quarantined in dorms and can easily blend in with other non-quarantined students. 

“Yeah, it’s pretty easy to just leave when I get bored,” said unnamed student. 

It is unclear whether this student was ever caught.