Meet the New Editor-In-Chief: Bowie P. Cat

Our new editor-in-chief in action (Sophia Gilbart / McDaniel Free Press)

As the Free Press’ current editor-in-chief, Ciara O’Brien, will be graduating at the conclusion of this school year, the remaining staff has been on the search for a successor. After a lengthy interview process, including candidates recently graduating from Princeton and Cornell, it was determined that the perfect candidate was, well, a bit closer to home. 

The Free Press is excited to announce that the Editor-In-Chief for the 2022-2023 school year will be current Free Press ghostwriter Bowie P. Cat. Bowie has long been contributing to the Free Press, writing for Staff Reporter Sophia Gilbart and frequently submitting articles as a “Guest Contributor,” so it’s exciting that Bowie is finally moving up in the world. In light of this development, we sat down with Bowie so McDaniel students can get to know the new editor-in-chief of the Free Press.

Birthday… February 15

Favorite Food… Chicken-Flavored Paté

Favorite Sport… Soccer

Favorite Song… “Feed Me Now” by Saint Motel

I Can’t Live Without… My teal pizza hoodie that says “I licked it so it’s mine”

Ideal Vacation… Somewhere sunny and full of birds

Most Prized Possession… The dusty bottle cap I found under the refrigerator

Hidden Talent… Pushing open latched doors with my cinder block head

Worst Habit… Scratching up the carpet on the stairs

Favorite Place… A warm lap, preferably with blankets, or a particularly sunny window

Favorite Show… “Calming TV for Cats: Squirrels and Birds (Six Hours)”

Biggest Pet Peeve… When my food bowl is empty and I’m told that I’m “being dramatic” and “just ate an hour ago”

Favorite Person… Sophia, unless someone else has treats for me

Favorite Animal… Myself

Congratulations to Bowie P. Cat and on behalf of the current staff of the Free Press, we’re excited to see what you’ll do as editor-in-chief!