McDaniel Unveils “Big Honkin’ M” on Water Tower

Eighth wonder of the world. (Photo courtesy of that guy we found outside)

Students at McDaniel College were delighted to return from winter break to a greatly-anticipated change: at long last, there is now a Big Honkin’ M on the water tower. The Big Honkin’ M was placed on the water tower due to unprecedented popular demand. A poll sent out during the Fall semester asked what kind of improvements students would like to see for the school. An overwhelming 99% of respondents answered “Big Honkin’ M on the Water Tower”.  0.5% of students voted “actual improvements to the school” while the other 0.5% voted “other”.

Though the purpose of the Big Honkin’ M was at first unclear, it has proved to be a fantastic asset. Andrea Cungadero, a student living in North Village, has found the Big Honkin’ M to be a welcome change in her campus life. “Sometimes I get so hungover that I actually forget where I am,” she said. “All I have to do is stumble outside and look upon the majesty of the Big Honkin’ M and I remember immediately.” A lacrosse player that chose to remain anonymous feels a similar fondness for the Big Honkin’ M. “When I’m walking home from practice, bleary eyed, tired, and sweating jungle juice, the Big Honkin’ M is what keeps me going,” they said.

Seeing the positive response, President Jasken is considering making the Big Honkin’ M even bigger than it currently is. All we can do now is hope that she does the right thing and makes the Big Honkin’ M as big (and honkin’) as it possibly can be.