Student employees see 1B eligibility for COVID-19 vaccine

(Courtesy of Pixabay user torstensimon)

While COVID-19 case numbers are rising on campus and more safety precautions are being put into effect, some encouraging news has arrived along with the warm March air.

As confirmed by the Human Resources department on campus, certain students employed by the college are considered to be part of Maryland’s 1B phase of the vaccine rollout.

Individuals included in phase 1B include: Maryland residents who are 75 years and older, Marylanders in assisted living, high-risk incarcerated individuals, continuity of government, and education, including K-12 teachers, support staff, and child care teachers.

Resident Assistants and student workers in the Admissions office are the only students confirmed as 1B eligible as of this time.

Student ambassadors received news that they were eligible for vaccination after Abigail Hayden, the Admissions Visit Leader at McDaniel College, delivered a text to the student ambassador GroupMe. Hayden confirmed that student ambassadors fall under Maryland’s 1B vaccination group and can obtain official documentation from Human Resources if required for obtaining a vaccine.

Hayden also confirmed that students, regardless of their permanent residence status, are employed in Carroll County, and thus are eligible for Carroll County’s vaccine rollout.

Ambassadors are eligible because “[Admissions] has in person events daily and throughout the spring where [ambassadors] will be interacting face to face with the public,” according to Hayden.

After word spread that ambassadors were eligible for vaccination, other student workers from across campus reached out to their supervisors to confirm whether they were eligible as well.

Senior Julia Murphy, a resident assistant for Whiteford residence hall, discovered that RAs are eligible as well and can also request documentation from Human Resources stating so.

“Honestly, it feels like the grey clouds of COVID have parted and a little bit of sunshine is peeking through,” said Murphy. She added, “Vaccination wasn’t on my mind because I knew I was going to have to wait a while, so it was a welcome surprise to find out I qualify as an RA. It makes sense, but with how this year is going I wasn’t expecting a win for once.”

Murphy said that Human Resources is trying to find as many ways as possible to get students eligible for vaccine rollout, as quickly as possible.

More student workers may soon be eligible for vaccine rollouts. Students should continue communicating with their supervisors and the Human Resources office for more information.

This is a breaking news story and any additions or other news will be reported once shared with the McDaniel Free Press.